Monday, June 02, 2008

Three Brighton Seniors Are Valedictorians at BPS High Schools

Three Brighton high school seniors earned the honor of valedictorian in their graduating class at their schools.

Siu (John) Lee, Ruo Chen, and Keaboka Nyumbu have been named valedictorians of Another Course to College in Brighton, Brighton High School, and Odyssey High School (PDF link) in South Boston, respectively. All are high schools in the Boston Public Schools. Information provided by BPS Director of Public Affairs Jonathan Palumbo indicate that their countries of origin are Hong Kong, China, and Lesotho, respectively.

Lee has not decided where he will attend college next year, but the other two have: Chen will enroll in Harvard University and Nyumbu will attend Northeastern University.

There are two other secondary schools located in Allston-Brighton: Vivian Mbawuike of Mattapan and Natalie Bellevue were named valedictorians of the Boston Community Leadership Academy (PDF) in Brighton and the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Allston, respectively.

Of the 38 valedictorians in BPS's high schools, one (Chen) will attend Harvard University, three will attend Boston College, and two or three (decision not finalized) will attend Boston University.

The students were celebrated at a luncheon last Tuesday at the Boston Harbor Hotel attended by Mayor Thomas Menino, BPS Superintendent Dr. Carol Johnson, and Boston School Committee Chair Dr. Elizabeth Reilinger.

The BPS press release can be found here (MS Word format document) and a spreadsheet listing the students and schools can be found here (MS Excel format document). Via All About BPS blog.

Image of diploma by gadgetdude provided through a Creative Commons license.

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