Friday, September 11, 2009

And the Award for Best Visual Impact in a Campaign Mailing Goes To...

It's always difficult to make a campaign mailing stick out visually so that the recipient doesn't just toss it into the trash.

This year Alex Selvig, candidate for Allston-Brighton District 9 City Councilor, managed to create a mailing with high visual impact.

And yuck factor.

That ubiquitous Allston-Brighton neighbor known as Rattus norvegicus -- or its common name, the Norway Rat -- appeared on one side of Selvig's mailing.

On the other side, he listed a few ideas he has for combating the rat problem: only issue building permits after a building is certified as rat-free; holding contractors responsible for rodent control; increasing the number of inspectors (currently seven); and inform residents about what they can do.

Selvig sort-of just accomplished that last one on his own.

No other candidate to date came close to Selvig in creating a visually effective mailing. This Award for Best Visual Impact in a Campaign Mailing was an easy one to pick.

But I'm not sure what residents thought when they found out that Selvig put a rat in their mailbox... I've got one more idea: glue some rat bait to the mailing next time.

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Mels said...

The day I received that card, I came home to 4 or 5 messages on my voice mail from city government candidates. As I deleted them, I said, "I just want someone to do something about the rats". Then I went to check my mail, and there in my mailbox was the card from Alex Selvig - he's got my attention.