Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ciommo to Face Selvig for District 9 City Councilor

Word from the 27 precincts in District 9 City Councilor race that Mark Ciommo has won the preliminary municipal election with 60% of the vote and will face Alex Selvig, who got 23% of the vote.

Abigail Furey finished a more distant third with 13%, and Narodick had the remainder few percent.

Still waiting for the official returns, though...

UPDATE (10:28 pm): Yep, 60-23-13-3% for Ciommo-Selvig-Furey-Narodick (plus round-off error and 0.4% write-in). 5843 votes cast. I'm estimating around 12.6% turnout of registered voters.

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