Monday, October 26, 2009

Video of District 9 City Councilor Candidates Debate

Video of the debate between the two candidates for District 9 City Councilor is now streaming online to a computer near you.

You can watch it below or at this link on Vimeo.

I would like to thank two people for their extensive effort in putting together this video and getting it online: Abigail Furey, who took the video last Tuesday night; and Galen Mook, who loaned Furey the equipment, and then did all the processing/uploading to put the video online. Such work is a great public service, because the video allows the debate to inform a much broader than the audience of 80-90 who showed up for the event itself.

District 9, Boston City Council Debate, Oct 20 from Galen Mook on Vimeo.


Candidates Debate
District 9 City Councilor

Sponsored by the Brighton Allston Improvement Association

Location: Brighton Elks Lodge
October 20, 2009, 7:40 pm
Runtime: 84 minutes

  • Mark Ciommo, incumbent [right-hand-side]
  • Alex Selvig, challenger [left-hand-side]
Moderator: Michael Pahre

  • Introduction: Donal Carroll, president, BAIA
  • Explanation of the format: Michael Pahre, moderator
  • Opening Statements: 2 minutes each
  • Questions: response 90 seconds for first and second candidate, then 60 second rebuttal for the first candidate
  • Closing Statements: 2 minutes each
  • Conclusion: Pahre and Carroll
Questions were three types, interspersed: moderator-prepared; audience-submitted; and candidate-written.

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