Friday, October 09, 2009

WTF: Police Cite Oak Square 7-Eleven For Not Selling Alcohol

Boston Police recently appear to have been conducting license checks on a number of Allston-Brighton businesses.

The Allston-Brighton TAB reports on one citation that, on the face of it, appears mind-numbingly backwards:
The 7-Eleven convenience store at 584 Washington St. in Brighton was found to be a holder of an active 2009 retail malt and wine license, but the premise was found to have discontinued the sale of alcohol, so it received a violation for non-use of a license.
The 7-Eleven in Oak Square just got cited for not selling booze? Come on.

If they aren't using their license, then the city should just take it back. The neighborhood obviously won't miss the loss of that one license.

Yeah, I know, it's possible that the point of the police's citation might be to create a paper trail in order to take away the license. Yeah, sure. But don't cite them in a way that encourages a 7-Eleven to sell booze. Just talk to them and get an agreement to send the license somewhere else...

Image of Beer kegs by slworking2 provided through a Creative Commons license.

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