Friday, January 22, 2010

Republicans Exist in Allston-Brighton's Ward 21

A group of Republican residents in Allston-Brighton have resurrected the Ward 21 Republican Committee, going against demographic trends in the neighborhood where only 8% of the voters are registered as Republicans. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in A-B by around a six-to-one margin.

Eric Gittleman, secretary and treasurer of the newly re-formed committee, told me last fall how he had organized a group of residents in Ward 21 and was beginning the process of formal recognition. They filed their statements with the Massachusetts Republican Party on November 30.

In response to a tweeted query today he confirmed that the committee was the product of several months of work -- not the result of Massachusetts Republicans' new-found enthusiasm in the wake of State Senator Scott Brown's victory last Tuesday in the special election for the U.S. Senate seat. He noted, however, that they welcome into their committee people newly-energized by the election results.

The committee is holding a caucus next week because they are required to elect delegates to the state's convention before February 3rd.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 27th in Dorchester at All Saints’ Church, 209 Ashmont St, Boston MA 02124, from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Prior to the caucus, they will meet closer to A-B at the office of Boston Student Realty, 1066 Commonwealth Ave, Boston MA 02215, at 5:30 pm. As with Democratic ward committees, the meeting is open to the public but delegates must be registered Republicans as of December 1, 2009.

No word to date from Ward 22's Republicans. Anybody out there?

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Gittle said...

Michael, just a quick thing: the caucus is happening at the Regular Meeting of the Boston Republican City Committee; they are providing space for any wards that have not caucused to do so.

Secondly, eight per cent of registered voters is more than enough to form a committee. ;-)

Additionally, as you know, Ward 21 is not just Allston-Brighton; it includes one precinct in the Fenway and another precinct comprising most of BU's campus.

Finally, regarding Ward 22, I know of a couple of people who have reached out to me and are interested, but they have to take care of everything that is necessary. Obviously, though, if they need help, we are more than willing to lend a hand, foot, or whatever they need.

Eric Gittleman
Boston Ward 21 Republican Committee