Friday, March 05, 2010

Lowe's Unfamiliar With Massachusetts Culture

Lowe's may want to build a new home improvement store in Brighton Landing at the former Barry Controls building, but at a neighborhood meeting Thursday night Lowe's made it sound like the company doesn't understand Massachusetts culture.

One audience member asked, "Would you consider putting a Dunkin' Donuts in?"

Lowe's site development manager Larry LePere responded that he had actually raised the issue with Lowe's management before in other projects, but was always struck down by his bosses -- such that he got the message not to raise the issue again.

LePere didn't mention, however, that the nearest Dunkin' Donuts (aka Dunking Doughnuts) is far, far away from the proposed development site -- two blocks away, that is, at the corner of North Beacon Street and Market Street. You know, the one that used to have the 1957 sign [upper right] that was torn down nearly two years ago.

Image of former Dunkin' Donuts sign in Brighton:


Adam Gaffin said...

Hey, in Boston, two blocks is a long way to go for a Dunks! I love how there are two of them just in Back Bay station.

JohnT said...

Dunkin Donut has changed their operation. Very few places make donuts. Everything but coffee is delivered. You will see small setups everywhere. seeing them in Lowe's or HD is not that unusual.

ptasker said...

Do we know what Councilor Ciommo's polling numbers are in Watertown?!?!