Sunday, March 25, 2007

Allston-Brighton Neighborhood Planning Initiative Meets Tuesday at 6:00pm

Did you know that 21% of Allston-Brighton residents are college students?

How about that 19% of all of the City of Boston's college students live in Allston-Brighton?

Or that Allston-Brighton's owner occupants only occupy their residence for eight years on average, well-below the city's average of ten years?

These were among the interesting facts presented by the BRA's planner, Carlos Montanez, as he kicked off the first meeting of the Allston-Brighton Neighborhood Planning Initiative on March 7.

The ABNPI website is at:

which includes links to the presentation made by Mr. Montanez, as well as the summaries of the four group's discussions.

The next meeting of the ABNPI's focus group will be on Tuesday, March 27 at 6:00-9:00pm in the Jackson-Mann Community Center. This meeting will be more of a "working group" session to synthesize comments made at the previous meeting, although it is an open meeting that will include time for public comment. A future meeting on April 24th will focus on Transportation and will be more interactive for the public.

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