Monday, March 26, 2007

Dangerous Crosswalks by Whole Foods Market

Sunday's Boston Globe carried the article on a dangerous crosswalk on Washington Street in Brighton between the Covenant House and the Whole Foods Market:
Faded Markings Make For a Hazardous Crossing

The report appears to miss a key feature of the street at this location: there are actually two cross-walks next to each other, on both sides of the driveway entrance to the Whole Foods Market parking lot. Here's an (old) satellite map:

The southeastern crosswalk is currently quite faded, but the northwestern one has nearly completely disappeared to the extent that the city workers might not notice it.

Let's hope that, when city workers excavate the site, they realize this and repaint both crossings!

This area is home to a large Ukrainian immigrant population with a lot of political clout: apparently elected officials have been seen before shoveling snow from the front of the Covenant House building. Since we have had so little snow this winter, maybe we all could instead help the elderly walk across the street until the crosswalk gets paved later in the year.

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