Monday, April 30, 2007

ACC Baseball Stadiums

Here are a few viewgraphs that were presented as part of tonight's BC Neighbors Forum public meeting. More to come later...

Question #1: Does BC need to orient the baseball stadium in order to keep home plate in the SW corner?

Answer: ACC stadiums are oriented in all different directions. Orientation is clearly not a driving factor in their design. Statements made at the 3/20/07 BC Task Force meeting appear to have been misleading.

Question #2: Was it true when a BC official said on 3/20/07 that even with a 2000-seat stadium, BC would still have the smallest baseball stadium in the ACC?

Florida State: 6700 seats
Clemson: 3500 seats (5617 with hillside seating/standing)
NC State: 2200 seats
Wake Forest: 2500 seats
Boston College: TBD
Maryland: 2500 seats
Virginia: 2000 seats
North Carolina: 2000 seats + 1000 on embankment
Georgia Tech: 4157 seats, can expand to 5000
Miami: 4235-5000 seats?
Duke: 2000 seats
Virginia Tech: 1033 seats

Answer: The BC official was factually in error. Virginia Tech has a smaller stadium at 1033 seats, and BC's 2000-seat stadium would actually tie them for 9th place (3-way tie with UVA and UNC).

Note that during the April 25, 2007 subcommittee meeting of the BC Task Force, a BC official noted that 2000 seats are a minimum requirement of the ACC for tournament games, not for regular season games.

The University of Virginia baseball stadium was suggested as a good example of BC's proposal for their new baseball stadium. The design for the UVa stadium can be found here, and here is an example:

IMHO, rather ugly. But functional, I guess. An alternative view:

The field lights are roughly 80-feet high. So the stadium appears to be 40 (or 50) feet high by comparison. The grade between the field and Lane Park is roughly 15 feet, so a structure like this would stick up roughly as high as the tops of the houses along Lane Park.

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