Monday, April 09, 2007

Baseball Stadium: Just "Lights and Seats"

The Allston-Brighton TAB ran a story on the field vs. stadium linguistic affair, in which a BC official was quoted:
Said Tom Keady, BC’s vice president for community affairs: “The only difference between the existing field on the site and the one we’re proposing is that it will have lights and seats.” Keady noted that the conceptual design at this stage also included building an adjacent structure containing coaches’ offices, batting cages and a weight room.
Only adding lights and seats... and a 25,000+ square foot building, too.

I think he overlooked a few things. Let's list all the changes, at least those we've been told about at the most recent BC Task Force meeting (March 20, 2007, see this posting).

The proposed baseball and softball stadiums, and the multi-purpose field, will change the site in the following ways:
  1. Lights (80-foot high? [1] [2]), how many watts?
  2. Seats (2000 for baseball, 500 for softball)
  3. Field building (offices, batting cages, training and weight room, locker rooms, concessions, restrooms), approximately 25,000+ square feet
  4. Press box (baseball), maybe another for softball?
  5. Three fences, one surrounding each stadium plus the multi-purpose field, with locked gates
  6. Astroturf, instead of natural turf, on both stadiums and possibly also on the multi-purpose field
  7. One to three underground storage tanks for water runoff prevented from entering the water table due to the impervious astroturf surfaces
  8. Parking garage next door to support the usage 46,200 square feet [including roof tennis courts?], 160 parking spaces.
  9. High nets to catch foul balls to keep them from hitting Lane Park bedroom windows.
#5 means that what is currently "open space" will become "locked space," and #6 means that what is currently "green space" will become "artificial space." #8 is a consequence of BC's requirement (b) for the athletic fields (i.e., to have adjacent parking for athletic facilities) in their presentation to the task force on March 20, 2007.

Seems a little bit more complicated than just "lights and seats."

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