Thursday, May 10, 2007

Alex Selvig Announces for A-B City Council Seat

Alex Selvig of Lake Street, Brighton, has just announced his candidacy for the Allston-Brighton open seat on the Boston City Council; the candidate agreed to a short interview. He runs a business importing boats for crew use, and has previously coached for the Community Rowing, Incorporated.

He has never run for political office before, so he considers himself a longshot. "I'm psyched to bring a whole lot of issues to the forefront." He expressed the desire for his candidacy to be a grassroots-based one.

When asked how he would fare in a race that might cost $25,000-50,000, he said, "I may have to run with whatever I can raise. I'll keep driving until the gas runs out."

"I think that Brighton is slowly being choked off," he continued. "It is a neighborhood of Boston that is being sacrificed... where university expansion is more valuable than keeping a part of town for families and people to live in. I just want to make this a better place to live." He also listed improvement of public schools as an important issue facing the neighborhood.

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