Thursday, May 10, 2007

Paul Creighton Announces for A-B City Council Seat

Via Harry Mattison and BostonNOW: Paul Creighton has jumped into the race for Allston-Brighton's open seat on the Boston City Council. He is director of the Allston-Brighton Area Planning Action Council, and ran strongly against Jerry McDermott in 2005.

Also reported: Rosie Hanlon of Brighton Main Streets is strongly considering joining the race, too.

As a sign of on-going problems at the City of Boston Elections Department, BostonNOW quotes the Mayor's spokesperson:
According to the mayor's spokesperson Jennifer Mehigan, candidates for Jerry McDermott's seat must file papers by May 15. By May 22, they must submit 139 legible signatures from registered voters in the district who have not signed for another candidate.
I personally called the Elections Department on Wednesday morning, and was told that the requirement was 200 signatures for the A-B councilor's race. (The number of signatures apparently varies by district.) Somebody in City Hall: please get your story straight!

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