Monday, May 07, 2007

A Sickening Smack: St. Elizabeth's Medical Center Tree Chopping Project

The day is fast arriving when St. Elizabeth's Medical Center will chop down more than a dozen trees on their property to make way for a (temporary) access road.

There have been orange stakes with red flags the last few weeks scattered throughout both the site of the new emergency room and the new access road.

The access road land has been classified under Article 51 of the zoning code as a Conservation Protection Subdistrict overlay (as well as another overlay of the institutional master plan area); obviously, conservation holds little sway when the institution rammed this road through the Article 80 institutional master plan process.

Such a lovely sight for the moment:

And at that very moment, we heard a loud whack!
From outside in the fields came a sickening smack
of an axe on a tree. Then we heard the tree fall.

business is business!
And business must grow
regardless of crummies in tummies, you know.
I hope we can someday bring back the Brown Bar-ba-loots, Swomee Swans, and Humming-Fish.

(The Lorax, Copyright 1971 by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.)

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