Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Q/A With Dan Conley, Suffolk County District Attorney

A local blogger, Adam Gaffin (adamg) of "Universal Hub", has arranged for a written question-and-answer with Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley.

People have submitted questions already, and he has whittled it down to ten. Vote for your top five; the top five questions go to the DA. Conley will have a week to answer those five questions.

No, I did not submit any questions to Gaffin's project. But I did vote.

Update (6/30/07): Journalist and commentator on the media, Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University (and blog MediaNation), refers to this process of voting on the questions as "crowdsourcing." I've never heard the term before, and the poor wikipedia entry doesn't seem entirely applicable. A neat word to watch, though.

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