Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sickening Smack, Part III: MBTA D-line

The MBTA has recently been cutting down trees along the D-line, particularly close to the Reservoir station. Writes Ben Ostrander:
One would think the T would order new trains that fit on the tracks it currently had rather than buy the trains, discover that someone couldn't measure, and then replace all the tracks! At least that is how I understand the problem. Well, the T has recently been shutting the D Line down every weekend to cut down all the trees at all the stations (at least from Resevoir to Fenway). You can especially notice the difference at Reservoir (where we used to have a mini forest on the inbound side of the station) and at Brookline Village where a whole hill of trees was chopped down leaving a whole hill of stumps.

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Link to the PDF report on the problem