Thursday, July 05, 2007

Allston-Brighton Cops on the Beat

Allston-Brighton's new police Captain, Genevieve King, is a proponent of community policing, as is the Police Commissioner. So it was not surprising when I recently started to see uniformed police officers in A-B walking the beat down Foster and Washington Streets.

I recently caught up to an officer to ask him about walking the beat. The program has been up and running for around a month now. While he is a rookie straight out of the police academy, the beat patrol group is a mix of officers with different experiences on the force.

They are staffing the beat patrol for two full shifts daily, including weekends. The officers involved in the patrols pretty much do nothing but walk the beat all shift, so it is not a small program tacked onto their other duties.

Sounds like a good program which the community is bound to welcome.

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J.L. Scott said...

I noticed the police population had increased recently. I've never felt particularly unsafe in Brighton Center, but I am happy to see more cops out and about, especially on foot.