Thursday, July 05, 2007

Aaaa Bbbbbb Withdraws From A-B District City Council Race

Despite the indication from an official this morning at the Boston Elections Department, Aaaa Bbbbbb has withdrawn from his bid for the Allston-Brighton District City Council seat.

Theoretically, he should have withdrawn as of COB July 3rd in order to remove his name from the ballot, so it is unclear if his name will still appear on the September 25 ballot.

This is his statement released by spokesman John W. Holroyd:
Aaaa Bbbbbb Withdraws from Allston-Brighton District Councilor Election to Focus on Stopping Institutional Expansion

Brighton, MA - Aaaa Bbbbbb today released the following statement regarding the upcoming election for Allston-Brighton District City Councilor:

“After careful consideration, I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for Allston-Brighton District City Councilor. Instead of campaigning, I would rather focus my full attention on stopping the current City administration from paving the way for Harvard University and Boston College to expand into our neighborhoods. Without a doubt, these efforts will better serve our community.

"The outcome of this election matters greatly to me and the voters should have an opportunity to support one independent representative rather than choose between candidates who share my views and stances on the issues. We all deserve a Councilor who makes Allston-Brighton a priority instead of one who answers directly to City Hall and the institutions.

"I thank all of my family, my friends, and the many residents who supported and encouraged my candidacy. Please continue to do so by going to the polls in September and November and voting your conscience."
Damn! To think that I was going to bet on the longshot to show.

Additional note (2:20 pm): the A-B TAB has written a story on it.

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