Friday, July 06, 2007

BC Football Co-Captains Involved in Downtown Bar Scuffle

The details are murky and contested, but Boston College football co-captains Gosder Cherilus and DeJuan Tribble were involved in a scuffle Sunday night at The Greatest Bar, a sports bar near North Station. One person involved in the scuffle, Sean Maney of Watertown, underwent emergency surgery for spinal injuries, in addition to suffering a concussion and possible knee fracture.

Cherilus is named by Boston Police as a suspect in the case along with off-duty State Police Sergeant Joseph Boike who is a co-owner of the bar, but the case is still open and no charges have been filed.

Depending on whose story you believe, the 6-foot-7 and 318-pound Cherilus may have only been breaking up a fight by one-arm bear-holding/carrying Maney, or he may have been strangleholding Maney while Tribble punched Maney. Maney may have initiated the fight by sucker-punching Boike, or not. Boike may have hit Maney over the head with a bottle, or not. Everyone seems to deny that they did anything wrong. I had to read the Globe article several times to figure out all the accusations and counter-accusations.

What seems in little dispute is that Maney got beat up really badly, as indicated by his concussion and spinal injuries.

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