Monday, July 23, 2007

Boston City Council Election Brought to You By... Boston College!!!

The Allston-Brighton District City Council candidates' forum tonight will be taking place at the Oak Square YMCA.

An advance look at the room a few minutes ago reveals that the podium at the front of the room has a great big emblem on it reading, "Boston College."

All the City Council candidates have been making the point that institutional expansion is one of the biggest issues -- if not the single biggest issue -- facing Allston-Brighton. It is ironic that the candidates will be standing behind "Boston College" tonight.

NOTE (after the forum event): After my wife's comments to the organizers that they ought to cover up the words "Boston College," they managed to get a "YMCA" sign taped over it before the event started... BC, by the way, loaned the podium and sound equipment to the event organizers.

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