Monday, July 23, 2007

Boston Globe Needs to Get a Map of Charles River Bridges

The Boston Globe has managed to invent a bridge along the Charles River: the Memorial Bridge. No, I don't think they mean the Weekes Memorial Footbridge -- I think they really meant Memorial Drive, not Bridge:
"Memorial Bridge in Cambridge will be closed between 7 and 9 tonight for the filming of a movie, State Police said this afternoon.

The bridge will be shut down in both directions between JFK Street and Western Avenue. Motorists should seek other routes because traffic is expected to be heavy, police said."
The names of the bridges along that stretch of the river are, from West to East: Larz Anderson Bridge, Weekes Memorial Footbridge (soon to be Harvard Special Use Shuttle Bus Route), and Western Avenue Bridge.

Anyway, that filming for a Denzel Washington movie was supposed to be happening last night, not tonight. Maybe the event got postponed due to weather...

NOTE (added 7/24/07): they fixed it to say "Memorial Drive" in the text of the story -- but you can see that the URL itself still has "memorial_bridge" in it.


Ron Newman said...

Weeks Bridge, not Weekes!

Michael Pahre said...

I honestly thought it was "Weekes" not "Weeks", but I was wrong. See: this post.