Sunday, July 22, 2007

Councilor Yoon Used Pictures of Honan and McDermott Without Permission

The Boston Herald reports that State Representative Kevin Honan and A-B District City Councilor Jerry McDermott are annoyed because At-Large City Councilor Sam Yoon has used their images in a campaign flyer without their permission:
A friendly campaign flier sent out by City Councilor Sam Yoon has ruffled a few pols’ feathers.
Yoon sent out an invitation recently for a campaign kickoff event being held at the Green Briar in Brighton this week that included pictures of soon-to-be ex-Councilor Jerry McDermott and state Rep. Kevin Honan (D-Allston). City Hall insiders say neither Honan nor McDermott gave Yoon permission to use their pictures on the flier.
Here is a scan of the flyer:

Yes, Councilor Yoon should get permission before using somebody's picture in campaign literature. But note that the flyer doesn't claim endorsements by either of them -- instead, it invites you to join Representative Honan and Councilor McDermott at the event. I assume Yoon's guys confirmed the attendance of Honan and McDermott before printing up the flyer, but it now sounds like their attendance is in question... Oops.

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Katiedid said...

Both McDermott and Honan agreed to be hosts of the Green Briar event. I don't understand why they are making such a big deal about their pictures accompanying their names on an invitation for something that they are involved in. This whole thing sounds ridiculous to me. If they don't show, they'll be missing out on a great community event.