Sunday, July 29, 2007

Editorial: Brighton Centered Will Be Non-Partisan During the Election Campaign

Editorial note: As I have told many of the candidates already, I do not plan to endorse any candidate in this year's election. Newspapers can separate editorial endorsements from their reporting, but a humble blogger cannot to so with any credibility. In a similar vein, I have not, and will not, be making any personal financial contributions to any candidates.

Limited announcements of campaign-related events will be made on Brighton Centered, but only when there is more than one campaign having an event -- or if the event literature itself becomes newsworthy. Campaign flyers are being posted only when the candidate braves the tricky dangers of the porch stairs and the mastiff answering the door of the New England Headquarters of Brighton Centered.

My goal is to bring to the public a wealth of information on the candidates, their campaigns, and the issues that are important to our community. Investigative reporting -- to the extent feasible by a lackey with a full-time job -- will be pursued without bias towards, or against, any particular candidate. Unabashed opinion can then be offered with the personal guarantee that I am neither supporting, nor committed to, any candidate in the election.

It is in that spirit that I offer critical analysis and opinion pieces in the days to come.

-Michael Pahre

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