Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rosie Hanlon Doorbells Brighton Centered

Rosie Hanlon, candidate for the open Allston-Brighton District seat on the Boston City Council, rang the doorbell at Brighton Centered's World Headquarters.

A few things I learned about her stands on some of the issues facing Allston-Brighton:
  • Drug abuse, particularly among youth, is a topic about which she cares with an immense amount of passion. She wants vastly increased education about drugs and drug abuse for every family in A-B, improved enforcement, and a heightened awareness of the problem among us. She noted how a recent fatal tragedy, in January 2007, has personally affected her.
  • She supports the Mayor's proposed 1% increase in the meals tax, but is uncertain about what she would want done with the added revenue: offsetting residential or commercial taxes, increasing A-B services, etc.
  • While she expresses a lot of concern over the rapidly rising residential property taxes, she expresses no opinion yet as to whether the relative tax burden of residential vs. commercial properties is appropriate at current levels.
  • She's worried about the rodents in A-B, wants an improved recycling program, and has handed out brooms (with instructions) in the past to encourage personal improvement of our immediate surroundings.
  • As a member of the BC Task Force, she opposes Boston College's proposal to build undergraduate dormitories on its Brighton Campus (i.e., the former seminary land).
  • Her kids are gonna break her neck if she doesn't get back home soon for some cake.
Happy Birthday!

Her flyer notes a website: Unfortunately, while she seems to have bought a web domain, she hasn't uploaded any content...

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