Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another Story on the 7/23 Candidates Forum

The CivicBoston blog posted a story on the July 23rd candidates forum for the Allston-Brighton District City Council seat.

While the story is about the candidates forum, it's sharpest blows were reserved for the current occupant of that City Council seat:
When the six candidates running for City Council in Allston-Brighton’s District 9 gathered for their first pre-election forum, there wasn’t even a hint about naming a bridge or a library for their future predecessor, Jerry McDermott. After serving less than three terms, McDermott is on the way out at age 39. Not only is he forgoing a run for re-election, but he’s moving out of Boston, most likely before the end of his term. Though McDermott inspired only one negative comment during the forum, his exit looms over the new campaign trail like an evacuation sign—saying more about trouble in the city than where to find a safe haven.

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