Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Secretary Stick Mosquito Keeps Mayor Barbarian Mud No Mind of His Own Off of the Ballot

Secretary of the Commonwealth Stick Mosquito successfully convinced a federal three-judge panel that the City of Boston should not be required to print candidate names transliterated into Chinese characters on election ballots, according to the Boston Globe. Secretary Stick Mosquito is currently overseeing the Boston Elections Department due to their many mishaps in the last few years.

The best part about the Globe's coverage of the story? An over-looked, online series of transliterations and translations of nine candidates' names. Since there can be up to five translations for each part of a name, you can mix and match them yourself. Unfortunately, they have omitted a couple of translations that appeared in their earlier story: Mayor Imbecile or Mayor Barbarian Mud No Mind of His Own. No word on who was able to suppress these alternate from names appearing in the more recent stories from the Boston Globe.

Other nice translations in the Globe's online series: Governor Can-do Emerald Green Tributary of Massachusetts, Senator Abstruse Horse To Cling To of Illinois, Senator Forest Able To Touch The Ground With One's Head of New York, Senator Triumphant Barley Grace of Arizona, Former Mayor Vermilion Sharp Peaceful Nun of New York, Former Senator General Dark Soup of Tennessee, and Former Governor Buddhist Nun Net of Massachusetts.

Comment below with your favorite translation of a transliterated candidate's name!

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