Friday, September 07, 2007

Allston-Brighton City Council Candidates as Simpsons Characters

Just what we all need for a Friday pick-me-up: a TAB reporter took the six candidates for the Allston-Brighton District 9 seat on the Boston City Council and made them to look like Simpsons characters using the "Simpsonize-Me" online tool.  Well, they're not all spitting images for the real people, but, hey, close enough.  Here's Alex Selvig, Simpson-ized:


Jean said...

Does this gigantic face shot constitute an official endorsement?

Michael Pahre said...

No... it's the only picture that I thought remotely looked like the person.

Enzo said...

Did you ever figure out what the guy's job actually is? Where did he go to school? I read his lit and it seems like he's hiding something.

Michael Pahre said...

Alex Selvig owns a small business importing rowing shells. I think I read that he was an undergraduate at BU. You should contact him directly at if you have further questions.

Alex Selvig said...

I never knew that the "Simpsonization" process would make me appear to have bags under my eyes. It DOES make me look younger, though..

Enzo, I started and have run an importing business ( for the past 15 years. Rowing shells and accessories. We have had the honor of supplying the US National Team for three years, as well as the 2004 US Olympic Team.

I have an undergraduate degree from BU in international relations (government), with a minor in history. I speak fluent Italian, French and Spanish, some German and Arabic.

Earlier government studies include a summer term at Harvard. I was accepted into the summer school while a junior in high school.

My website has been updated with a full bio. Feel free to ask me anything you may be curious about.

Enzo said...

That sounds suspiciously like achievement in normal life outside of city government or lawyering. I suppose it would be worthwhile to have one such person on the city council in the interest of diversity.

I don't know how you're going to get all that stuff done though without secession.