Friday, September 07, 2007

Who to Call About BC Off-Campus Student Behavior?

Quoted from the Allston-Brighton TAB:
Who to notify if you have problems:

Boston Police are always the first call to make when it comes to late-night merrymaking in Allston and Brighton, but police are often inundated with parties on weekends. [Call Boston Police via 911 to make sure the call is fully logged. -Ed.]

“I can be the first to tell you, on a Friday or Saturday night, we won’t get to them all,” said Officer Steve Law.

If police aren’t showing up, call Boston College Police at 617-552-4440.

If there’s a problem during a weekday, call the BC Office of Community Affairs at 617-552-4787.

If you still feel like police haven’t adequately responded, called the District D-14 community service department the next day at 617-343-4376. Provide the police with an exact address, if possible; the community service officers keep a list of homes they’ve already visited and make them a priority for patrols, Law said.

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