Saturday, September 01, 2007

Crowdsourced Questionnaire for A-B District City Council Candidates

The poll results are in for the "crowdsourced" questionnaire for the A-B Districit City Council candidates.

Several dozen questions were submitted by residents of A-B. More than 100 members of the online community then "voted" on the best questions, resulting in the seven questions below.  Questions #4-7 received nearly the same number of votes; the eighth place question received significantly fewer votes, thereby defining the cutoff.  You can see the results by loading the full Brighton Centered Blog and looking at the upper right-hand-side.

All candidate responses received by me by COB on Monday, September 10th, will be posted in their entirety on the Brighton Centered Blog. All responses will be posted at once, so that nobody will see another's answers before submitting their own.  I suggested approximately a paragraph for a response for each question, although this will no doubt vary by question.

Questionnaire for Allston-Brighton District City Council Candidates
  1. What could the city do about noisy parties, illegal parking (both on front lawns and streets), and tenant occupancy code issues, either by enforcing existing ordinances, increasing or changing penalties, or passing new ones?
  2. What will be your first three steps as the new A-B City Councilorto improve the infrastructure of Allston/Brighton?
  3. What are the specific steps you will take in order to implement the needs of the community related to institutional expansion (Harvard, BC)?
  4. Do you support the goal that BC build dormitories for their juniors on the main campus and therefore eliminate undergraduate student rentals on neighborhood streets? If so, what steps would you take to accomplish this?
  5. What measures do you propose for improving the appearance of Allston-Brighton, particularly related to trash, street-cleaning, and graffiti?
  6. While City Councilor, do you intend to work a second job, run a business, stand for another office, or leave for another job before your term expires?
  7. What are your plans to improve the Allston-Brighton school system without overhauling the whole Boston school system?

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