Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Boston Breakers Women's Soccer Returns in 2008 at BU's Nickerson Field... or Harvard Stadium!

The women's professional soccer league, the WUSA, is looking to return to play in 2009 following the Women's World Cup later this month and the Olympics in Beijing in 2008. The league operated in 2001-4, but then folded, apparently due to inadequate interest and/or financial stresses. The Boston Breakers will be part of the 2009 WUSA season, but also plans to play a schedule in 2008 with the Women's Premier Soccer League, an amateur league. In the past, the Breakers played at BU's Nickerson Field. The Breakers are currently in negotiations to determine where they will play in 2008 and/or 2009, according to the Boston Globe:

The Breakers were among the teams that were close to being ready [for the 2008 season]. [Breakers general manager Joe] Cummings said they will name a coach this month and attempt to play a schedule in the Women's Premier Soccer League next year in preparation for the '09 kickoff of the WUSA.


Cummings is still negotiating a stadium deal. Boston University's Nickerson Field, which was the team's previous home, and Harvard Stadium are in contention.
This is the first I have heard that they want to play at Harvard Stadium -- and probably the first that the North Allston neighbors have heard it, too. I imagine that the Breakers will want many of the games to be played at night. Inadequate communication with the Allston neighbors caused anger over Harvard's first night football game; it sounds like Harvard is making the same stupid mistake all over again. Don't they know how to pick up a phone and call a couple of neighbors? Don't they ever learn over at Harvard?

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