Monday, December 03, 2007

Boston Parks Open Space Plan Open for Comments Until 12/9

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department has published their draft open space plan for 2008-2012.  Current work in 2007 is in some kind of purgatory between the previous 2002-2006 plan and the proposed next one.

I must say that I heard nothing about the fact that they had actually published a draft plan until I read yesterday's short article in the Boston Globe's City Weekly section.  Failure to get the word out would explain why Mary Hines, spokeswoman for Mayor Thomas Menino, said that the city has received few public comments to date.

The department wants feedback on their plan, which you can submit until December 9th (this Sunday) using the online form.

One member of the Friends of Rogers Park has already noted some interesting details:
"Rogers Park is the sixteenth most often used park in the city of Boston, second most used in Allston-Brighton and received the lowest funding from capital projects spending from 2001-2006, considerably lower than any other park in Allston-Brighton."
The Parks Department's open space is the place to address such disparities so that significant capital expenditures can be targeted where they are most needed.

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