Friday, April 04, 2008

A-B Activists Party Saturday Night: Noise Complaints and Extended Hours Drinking Anticipated

Tim McHale et al. are organizing another Allston-Brighton community (= activists) party for this Saturday night at the Bus Stop in North Allston.

I've got a few parlor games to keep the fun going well into the night:
  1. Deval Patrick's Casino, Allston-style: Wager on which North Allston/North Brighton property will next be purchased for $1.
  2. Pin-the-tail-on-the-1F-3000: While blindfolded and facing an Article 51 zoning map of A-B, whomever can first sink a pin into a 1F-3000 lot wins the $1 from game #1. Jackpot of $10 is earned if the owner of the lot got a zoning variance to build a 2-family house on it. Anyone who puts a pin into land that's part of an Institutional Master Plan area has to take a drink. Of Jaegermeister.
  3. Club Kirkwood Crank Calls: See who can pull of the cleverest crank call on Club Kirkwood in Brighton.
  4. West End Campfire Stories: Tell your tallest tale of the sinewy monster that rose from City Hall to devour -- er, redevelop -- the West End. Extra credit for working the word "Sheboygan" into the story.
  5. Unfinished Alphabet Soup: See who can think up the best acronym for an BRA planning study in Allston-Brighton that will get started, but not completed.
  6. Pothole Stumper: A bicycle tire patch kit will be awarded to the person who guesses correctly the number of potholes on North Harvard Street north of Western Avenue.
  7. From Party Photos to Digital Mural: Take the best shot of locals dancing on the tables, and submit it for projection on the WGBH digital mural. Better yet, hold onto it until the next election.

Here is the "official" party-line announcement from Tim McHale and Kevin Carragee:

Calling All Revelers!

It's time to throw another party !

All Allston Brighton folks are invited!

With a special invite to the hearty and dedicated activists who are
navigating the BC, Oak Square PSF, Harvard, Charlesview, Lowes, and Community Planning processes.
Good Grief!

So here's a night to let our hair down, dance to live local music, eat,
drink, and be merry.

But mostly to laugh and recharge our batteries...together..

Bus Stop Pub
Western Ave, Allston
April 5th, 2008
7:30 PM

Ten bucks gets you in the door, fed, and live music from the Knuckleheads,
drinks are on you!

See you then, spread the word...

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