Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BC Football Player Charged With Rape and B&E

The Boston Globe and Boston Herald reported that Boston College football defensive end Brady Smith has been charged with rape and breaking and entering. (EDIT: Press release from the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office is here.)

This follows running back A. J. Brooks being charged with assault and battery in November 2007, and Gosder Cherilus and DeJuan Tribble being charged with assault and battery in August 2007 based on a July 2007 incident at The Greatest Bar near North Station.


Claver2010 said...
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Michael Pahre said...

I won't state that either Cherilus or Tribble -- or Brooks for that matter -- were found innocent, because they haven't been.

Arthur (A. J.) Brooks goes to trial May 13th in Brighton District Court.

Gosder Cherilus and DeJuan Tribble's cases are still open and pending in the Central Division of the Boston Municipal Court.

Since you appear not to have read carefully the post above, it states that all three have been charged with those crimes. Those are all accurate statements.