Friday, September 18, 2009

Blogging and Tweeting the A-B District 9 City Councilor Candidates Forum

No, I did not live-blog, live-tweet, or video-tape the Allston-Brighton District 9 City Councilor Candidates Forum Thursday night.. But three other people did.

Harry Mattison (of the Allston Brighton Community Blog) joined the twitter crowd and tweeted extensively (@harrymattison) throughout the event. For those unfamiliar with twitter, the first message he posted will appear at the bottom, so you have to read it from bottom to top. Mattison uses acronyms for the candidates: MC (Mark Ciommo), AF (Abigail Furey), BN (Ben Narodick), and AS (Alex Selvig).

And Adam Gaffin [right] (of the Universal Hub blog / aggregator) wrote a live-blog of the event -- but, since there was no wifi signal inside the venue, he had to wait to upload the whole thing as a single post to his blog. He also wrote a story, "Councilor Ciommo has an email problem."

And finally, Galen Mook was taking video of the entire event with some serious equipment. He expects to post the video, split into a few pieces, online in a few days so that I can link to and/or embed it here.

Thanks to those three gentleman, we have a nearly instant record of the candidates forum that can help voters, who were not able to attend the event, learn where the candidates stand on a series of issues facing the city and the Allston-Brighton neighborhood. I hope everyone gets out to vote on Tuesday, September 22nd for the preliminary municipal election.

Image of Adam Gaffin by Alison Klein cribbed from the Weekly Dig without permission.

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