Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why Does Doug Bennett Like Me So Much?

I've been getting my fair share of calls in the last few weeks from many of the 15 candidates for city councilor-at-large and the four candidates for mayor.

For some reason, councilor-at-large candidate Doug Bennett keeps calling more than anybody else.

What is it about my voter profile that is attracting his attention?

He was class valedictorian at Valley Forge Military College and was in the Army reserve. Me? Peace Corps. Can't be it.

He served as a Selectman on Nantucket. I've yet to visit there.

He rushed the field at a Penn State football game and got arrested. The closest I can claim is that I've possibly thought about offering bribes to West African government employees, but never got arrested while possibly thinking about it.

Maybe it's that I'm an unenrolled voter who votes in every municipal election? Probably more like it.

I suspect Bennett has identified unenrolled frequent voters as his target audience.


Adam Gaffin said...

It's not just you; we keep getting robo-calls from him, too.

Michael Pahre said...

And yet another one today.

Michael Pahre said...

And again today.

Michael Pahre said...

Another phone call yesterday (Sunday).

Michael Pahre said...

And another call today.