Monday, September 21, 2009

Globe Decides Boston Has Only Two Councilors-At-Large -- Not Four

For people who read the Boston Globe online, they often miss out little sidebar text that contain nuggets of useful information.

Or misinformation.

From a sidebar on the front page of Sunday's Globe:
Boston city


13 challengers and
two incumbents for
two at-large seats
No. No. No.

It should have read: "13 challengers and two incumbents for four at-large seats." (Would the Globe have written "Three challengers and one incumbent for zero district 9 seats"? No way.)

Metro Editor Brian McGrory has already admitted that he could hardly care less about the Boston City Council. But at least his guys at the Globe should get their facts straight on the rare occasion that they show a little bit of interest in the city council.

When and where will the Globe's correction run? My prediction: nowhere.

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