Sunday, September 20, 2009

Multi-tasking a Parade and Senate Seat Appointment

The Allston-Brighton Day Parade today, and the Brian Honan 5-K race before it, were a lot of fun to watch and cheer on the participants. My daughter and I banged various noise-makers for the runners, many of whom seemed to appreciate the cacophony.

Several years ago state Representative Michael Moran stepped up his involvement in the parade in order to prevent its possible demise. He also hosted a barbecue at the Oak Square YMCA afterwards, primarily for the parade participants.

If you think organizing a parade is a lot of work, think about how else Rep. Moran has been in the news of late: he is the state representative chair for the state legislature's Joint Committee on Election Laws. His committee recently voted out a new law allowing a gubernatorial appointment to fill temporarily a vacancy in the U. S. Senate caused by the death of former Senator Edward Kennedy; the full House of Representatives passed the legislation on Thursday.

When I spoke with him briefly during the parade, he looked tired but pumped up. It must have been an exhausting week.

Major new legislation plus organizing a parade: effective multi-tasking coming out of Rep. Moran's office.

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