Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ciommo Over Selvig 64-35% in District 9 City Councilor Race

With 26 of 27 precincts reporting, incumbent Mark Ciommo has defeated challenger Alex Selvig for District 9 City Councilor by a margin of 64-35%.

With 95% of precincts reporting city-wide, incumbent Thomas Menino has defeated challenger Michael Flaherty for mayor by a margin of 57-43%.

Incumbents John Connolly and Stephen Murphy, along with challengers Felix G. Arroyo and Ayanna Pressley, have taken the four City Councilor-At-Large seats.

My predictions were surprisingly on-the-mark, getting each candidates' percent of the vote to within 1-2 percentage points -- although Pressley took 4th place stronger over Tito Jackson and Andrew Kenneally than I had predicted.

Who Did Worst Against "None-of-the-Above"?

For those candidates running unopposed, it is instructive to see how many people didn't cast a ballot in their race or voted for a write-in -- together representing the "none-of-the-above" vote. This is one way of gauging which district councilor is least liked in his or her district, or who might be the most vulnerable two years from now:
  • District 2: Bill Linehan 60.4%, None-of-the-Above 39.6%
  • District 3: Maureen Feeney 66.9%, None-of-the-Above 33.1%
  • District 4: Charles Yancey 64.1%, None-of-the-Above 35.9%
  • District 5: Rob Consalvo 64.0%, None-of-the-Above 36.0%
  • District 6: John Tobin, Jr. 67.6%, None-of-the-Above 32.4%
District 2 Councilor Bill Linehan won over None-of-the-Above with the lowest margin. Ouch.

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