Thursday, November 05, 2009

Khazei Crafty Like a Fox, Part Deux

Several days ago I wrote about how Alan Khazei's campaign for the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat was being crafty in their use of social media, by apparently watching another candidate's Twitter following/followers list (Steven Pagliuca's) and following at least one of them (me). I tried tweeting the campaign to ask if that was, in fact, what they were doing, but only got back a perfunctory DirectTweet (you know, a Form Tweet).

Two days later, I'm tweeted by AlanKhazei:
local activists like @michaelpahre in Brighton exemplify Big Citizenship ( - will follow and support you as senator
First, I feel weird getting referenced right before a quotation of Mahatma Ghandi. I don't deserve to be in such company.

Second, I now feel deeply guilty for not writing about the Shubow Park cleanup event here on the Brighton Centered blog, and for not attending it. (Real reason I couldn't attend: family commitments. And rain.) Here are the photos from the event.

Third, it sounds to me as though they might have happened to start following my Twitter feed on Tuesday by mere coincidence (although that is still not 100% clear). Instead, Khazei's campaign could have a formal effort to connect with hyperlocal bloggers like me.

Either way, that is still crafty campaigning in the age of new media. Tip of the hat to Khazei and Co.

Image of Shubow Park cleanup event from Alan.Khazei at flickr.

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Jon said...

Shubow Park was named after my uncle, Rabbi Joseph S. Shubow. Rabbi Shubow was a conservative, and while it is a nice gesture to clean up a park, he would be rolling over in his grave rather than support a left-wing liberal like Alan Khazei.

Khazei, more likely is attempting to associate himself with the liberal/Jewish voting block in Boston.

Had he known anything about my uncle, he would have chosen another park.

Jonathan Shubow