Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brighton Death of Globe's Latest So-Called Trend

CupcakesAnother week, another so-called trend appearing in the pages of the Boston Globe. Today's trend: cupcake stores in Boston, poised for an even greater surge.

While the story hyped the number of cupcake stores in Boston (six) and pointed to new stores possibly coming soon, it failed to point out at least one cupcake business that has gone bust.

That would be right here in Brighton Center, where Cherry Bomb closed its doors recently at 379 Washington Street after what appears to have been less than one year in business. Bye-bye bacon, beer, and pepper cupcakes.

You would think that balancing the busting, not just the booming, of cupcake stores would be a necessary journalistic ingredient in assessing whether or not there is a local trend.

Image by lamantin provided through CC by 2.0 license.

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Lisa said...

As a vegan in Brighton, I already miss Cherry Bomb. It was my go-to place to get sweets.