Sunday, December 11, 2011

Boston Globe Coverage of Senate Candidates Forum

The Brighton senate candidates forum was covered by the Boston Globe -- currently linked to only through its Belmont or Watertown "Your Town" websites, natch.

On state funding for the Faneuil branch of the Boston Public Library:
Candidates agreed at a forum in Brighton last night that the Faneuil branch of the Boston Public Library in Oak Square, which teetered on the edge of permanent closure last year, should continue to be state-funded and kept open.
On MBTA funding:
Candidates also went head-to-head on solutions for bailing the MBTA out of debt, since the area is heavily dependent on both the Green Line and multiple city buses.

Schofield said he did not think fares should rise, but that the state should funnel money into the T...

Brownsberger said he thinks the state should raise the gas tax to increase revenue dollars, which could then help fund the MBTA.

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