Friday, April 27, 2007

BC Neighbors Forum: Public Meeting Monday, April 30 at 7:00pm

An extensive, visual presentation of BC's proposals for athletic facilities will start the meeting.  New information will be presented on:
  • Baseball stadium sizes and orientations across the ACC: are the requirements necessary?
  • Is there space to move the stadium away from houses?
  • How tall is the lighting compared to neighboring houses?
  • Possible chemical dangers to ground water posed by astro-turf
The goal of the meeting is to develop community consensus on
issues related to athletics facilities in BC's master plan:
  • Baseball stadium: 2000 seat
  • Softball stadium: 500 seat
  • Multipurpose field(s)
  • Athletic support facility: 25,000+ square feet
  • Parking garage / tennis courts: 160-200 spaces
Neighbors of Rogers Park (and members of the Friends of Rogers Park) have been specially invited to attend the meeting in order to provide their insight into what it is like to live near to lighted baseball fields.

Boston College Neighbors Forum: Public Meeting

Monday, April 30, 7:00 pm
Brighton Elks Lodge
326 Washington Street

Brighton residents are invited to attend a community meeting to
analyze and discuss the details of the Boston College development
plans. The meeting will take place on Monday, April 30th, 7:00 pm,
at the Brighton Elks Lodge, 326 Washington Street, Brighton Center.

The Boston College Neighbors Forum is an unaffiliated, independent
grassroots discussion group. The goal of the meeting is to build a
consensus in the community on issues of common concern, and to
eventually prepare formal community feedback to BC and the City of

The April 30 meeting will focus on BC plans to construct athletic
fields and/or stadiums on their "Brighton Campus" (i.e., the former
Archdiocese property), and related buildings.

Public participation is strongly encouraged and all residents will be
afforded an opportunity to speak as time permits. A subsequent
meeting will be scheduled in mid-May to discuss other aspects of BC
plans (e.g., the proposed re-routing of Saint Thomas More Road).

For more information, Michael Pahre at 617-216-1447 or; or visit the GoogleGroup at .

For background on the athletics facilities proposals, see this blog entry.

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