Friday, June 15, 2007

St. Elizabeth's Starting Site Preparation for New Emergency Room

No sickening smack yet, but it's probably just around the corner: St. Elizabeth's Medical Center has conducted their formal, photo-op ground-breaking for the site of their new Emergency Room. No excavation yet while they still do site preparation. Fences have been seen blocking off access to the hillside site.

Few in the neighborhood doubted the need for St. Elizabeth's to update their aging ER facility.

The project's associated loss of open space (and trees), however, didn't please everyone:
“I realize that the hillside will disappear and I accept that,” [said Charlie Vasiliades], “but I don’t feel that St. E’s offered enough in return to compensate for the loss of that green space.”

Vasiliades wanted the hospital to grant a permanent easement on the land behind the campus abutting the future new access road, in order to prevent any future development there.
Thneeds 1, Brown Bar-ba-loots 0.

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Craig said...

They removed the Holy Mother statue that once graced the front of St. E over the weekend June 23-24