Friday, August 31, 2007

Annual Trash-Picking Day Underway in Brighton

The annual Allston-Brighton holiday known as Moving Day is already underway. This year, it also coincides with Boston College's move-in "day" (August 30, 31, and September 2).*

The U-Hauls have started circling the block, and double-parked cars and trucks are all over the neighborhood already. I've already gotten stuck behind two double-parked cars on the Comm Ave carriage road. Walking is always a better way on days like this.

Last year's event saw a sofa and loveseat, identical to the set in our living room but in far worse condition, out on the street three houses away. No trade-up.

Remember that those old mattresses and cloth furniture are best left right where they are: on the street, full of bedbugs. Better idea: look for lamps, books, solid wood furniture (not raining today). Avoid heavily used children's toys, since you don't know about hidden damage.

Way back in college, I once scored a large, black-and-white TV in working condition from a dumpster, and watched the 1986 World Series on it with half the dorm. Yeah, the good old days. We put the TV next to the unearthed parking meter in the corner of the room.

Post below your favorite trash-picking "finds" this week-end!

* Why is BC not having official moving-in on September 1st? It's the date of their first home football game, against Wake Forest.

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