Wednesday, October 03, 2007

BRA Board Approval "Expected" for Harvard Science Complex in Allston

The Boston Globe reports that they expect approval by the BRA Board for Harvard's proposed science complex in North Allston.

Ray Mellone, chair of the Harvard Allston Task Force, when speaking about the science complex and the yet-to-be-resolved issues related to community benefits and construction mitigation, delivered the most impossible to decipher quotation:
"It wasn't to the satisfaction of what you might say are the purists," Mellone said, but "It's way beyond the experts or anybody including the BRA to figure this out all at once."
Let's hope the BRA can find some experts quickly to figure it all out before today's BRA Board meeting at 2:00 pm. It's only been 20 months or so since Harvard filed the initial institutional master plan amendment -- which includes this science complex. Too bad that's not enough time in Mellone's estimation.

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