Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Update: Market Street Looks Fully Re-Opened Tonight

This evening around 10 pm, Market Street southbound had some cars travelling on it. Maybe this means that it will remain open in the morning.

The MBTA is no longer showing service advisories for bus #86.

Hopefully, Wednesday morning we won't have gridlock for a six-block radius around Brighton Center like we've had Monday and Tuesday. At one point on Tuesday morning, one detour route, southbound Foster Street, was literally backed up bumper-to-bumper all the way from Commonwealth Avenue to Washington Street.

The massive traffic jams and gridlock experienced in the Brighton Center area these last two days is one indication of how the transportation infrastructure around here has been stretched to its limit. One little road closure (southbound for two blocks of Market Street) has caused a ripple effect on the traffic patterns all around the neighborhood up to a mile away.

Time to bring back those streetcars to discourage people from driving on Washington Street.

Earlier: Brighton Rite-Aid (nee Brooks) Pharmacy roof collapses.
Bus #86 re-routed.
Southbound Market Street remained closed until completion of work to shore up walls from further collapse.

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t.s. said...

There are a whole host of reasons to bring back the trolley - this is just one more. A relative of mine who is a lifelong resident of Boston and a rail fan explained to me that the MBTA is pretty much allergic to light rail, and it's all to do with cronyism. And that's a damn shame. The Red Line was supposed to go to Arlington, but they didn't want their schools to be desegregated and then have "them" move in, and had enough friends in higher places to see to it that it didn't happen. I also understand that there is an existing tunnel downtown that was built for rail, but the MBTA wants to use buses??!?
It's as if someone said, "let's just keep on going backwards and see what happens..."