Friday, February 08, 2008

Bus #57 As an Example of MBTA's Woes

A Watertown reader wrote a letter-to-the-editor of the Boston Globe in response to the MBTA's financial woes recently covered by the Globe (a month after BostonNOW beat them to the punch by quoting the General Manager, Daniel Grabauskas, as saying the T is "structurally broke").

Writes Joseph Niedbala:
When I have to wait in the cold for 40 to 50 minutes, day after day, while bus after bus on the 57 line passes by packed with riders just a few stops after its start in Kenmore, it's obvious to me that the T can't coordinate its basic function as a public transportation provider, let alone extract itself from this financial morass.
Bus #57 is one of the heaviest-used public transportation routes crossing Allston-Brighton, and is a key element in the neighborhood's transportation infrastructure. (By the way, it does not travel down Chestnut Hill Avenue.)

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